Thoughts on the authenticity of this Micheal Jackson signed picture disc

Hello forum,


It's great to be here, as a long time music fan & collector who has taken a wrong turn and ended up collecting signed records, this looks like an excellent forum to be a member of. There is an impressive level of knowledge on the forum obviously gained from years of experience and passion.


I recently purchased this signed Michael Jackson picture disc and was interested to hear members opinions on its authenticity. His signature seems to vary significantly from being elegant through to looking rushed. This signature is very elegant, better than any I have seen online and seems extremely well-judged in its size and positioning. But is it real? The yellow disc looks to be rare, it is not on Discogs and if this description can be believed -


The link claims this was a limited pressing for CBS record execs which leads me to speculate on the possibility that MJ carefully autographed this for someone at his label.


The COA is from Verified Autographs, a company that seems to be defunct and from a quick Google has some bad history with US sports memorabilia so I am not putting all my faith in it, perhaps unfairly.


Thanks all in advance,

Mondie (Simon)


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This disc arrived today and I am very pleased with its condition. It has the same catalogue number and rim text as the white picture disc. The signature is crisp and looks great.

Hello Simon Gee

I hate to say it, but your signed Michael Jackson CD is not real in my opinion.
Did you buy it from Italy?
here the same handwriting style and the same COA as with this Invincible album.
Claim your money back

It was from Italy..good investigating Ivo! :)

Thank you Phil 

Yep agree..not authentic I'm afraid...I've seen this writing a few times but not Michaels imo

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I bought this from Italy.

It is a record not CD. There is no doubt the LP is genuine and no doubt rare too, surprised the fakers seeked out a rare picture disc released in the US.

Forgers unfortunately ruin rare items to add to the value's quite common...

I'd get it checked and try get your money back 

Sorry I mean LP. 
If you are satisfied then it is good.

The Signature it's not Real, I am 100% sure.

Here is another one, the exact same fake also a LP....



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