I may be interested in acquiring one of these two items presently up for auction at Gotta Have Rock and Roll. I’m mostly interested in the Help photo for various reasons including the relative later date, the clear signatures in felt pen and the size of the photo. They say that photo has been authenticated by Ciazzo and a COA from him would be possible but you would have to arrange to get, and pay for, a a letter from him (which they would help do). The signed program apparently comes with a Caiazzo COA. What are your thoughts on these items? Also, importantly, what are your thoughts on Gotta Have Rick and Roll? I am not familiar with them and hadn’t heard of them till now. Thanks!



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I would have had to do the same. I'm happy to have tried and help :)

Too many things changed too fast. Re-reading the condition guarantee terms, it expires 5 pm the same day you get the lot!


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