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Then why does he do them? People above are giving QOs also…

And agree, would pass too…..just my QO, no less no more.

I just wanted to say to me, a QO means I have ruled out all known Autopens, preprints, facsimiles, studied the graph, the known forgery patterns, the period, ink, usual inscription, placement etc - and then need help. With luck you might get a full cert down the road. What are some of your expectations from a QO?

QO's can change in hand.

I pay attention to Andy's cert, Roger's, Corey's and few others. And I appreciate the opinions of so many here and also Dr. Brucato and Tom Kramer whom I miss.

And, of course, ACOA!

My OPINION (and just that!): QO is just money grabbing. Come on, judging authenticity from a digital image for an item that people are prepared to pay a lot of money for. Really worthless if you ask me. 
if you want an opinion on the script consult some of the Beatles autograph expertise groups on internet where there are very knowledgeable collectors and experts, giving their advice for free.

I’ve seen people identifying fake Lennon, fake Harrison and fake McCartney autographs that were authenticated by some of the wellknown experts (won’t mention names here), and seen items pulled from auctions as a consequence. The QO is a danger to the field imho. Some buyers put too much faith into it, some QO experts are simply “too quick” or not specialised enough.



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