Hey! I'm new to collecting autographs. I recently purchased this Heathen CD signed by him and while I trust the source who sold it to me, I'd like to know your thoughts on it. Authentic?

Thank you very much in advance. I really appreciate it!


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Looks good to me.

Looks good to me. For you to be absolutely sure you can contact Andy on www.davidbowieautograph.com and ask him for his very credible opinion. :-)


Authentic. Fully typical of 2002 signed Heathens. Typical signature form, typical numerals and "apostrophe". Double loop in the "o" not always seen. Great contrast and good placement. Nice example - not rushed or skewed. Here is my example, signed in Sweden:

Thank you, everybody. I really appreciate your help. It was Andy Peters who introduced me to the guy that sold it to me but I was a little bit worried when both PSA and Beckett told me they wouldn't authenticate this.

Thank you again.

I'm not that surprised. They make mistakes often enough and Bowie changed from year to - from day to day! His signature could change inside of two minutes when IP or LP. Andy knows more than both together.

Andy Peters knows Bowie much better then PSA and Beckett together. I don't trust PSA company after so many affairs, when they confirmed the fake as original, and not only with Bowie. 

gee im shocked psa and neckett are clueless

eric is the bowie guy here



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