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Your thoughts please, thanks guys

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Am I meant to believe a signed cut is $10k+ but a full handwritten letter signed by Bruce sells for $15k.

Something doesn't add up here.

I believe this is being shilled by the dealer and/or associates. The same 3 feedback username bidding the price up on ebay. 


I’m posting the closeup of this signed cut on eBay.  60 bids.  Sold for 12K. JSA approved ….. and NOT authentic.  This is a great example of one of the recent and numerous fakes from ”Legends and Heroes” auctions on the invaluable.com website.

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is there a link or photos to the ebay one?

Fake.  Don’t care that JSA thinks it’s legit.  It’s not. One of the many forgeries from “Heroes and Legands” auctions on invaluable.com.  This auction house has fooled a number of people recently, including this one currently being sold right now at a reputable auction website.

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Thanks Peter, it was actually J.Seah who mentioned it "as a nice legit Bruce currently in auction".

I don't believe a signed cut would reach that price in auction, I genuinely think it was shilled.

The fact that it's still available to buy on this website, corroborates with my belief. 


Do you think the signed photo "To Cindy" was genuine? 

Please read my posts again AI!!! Do not misquote me!!! 

My apologies, I did indeed misquote you.
However, you did say that it was both "nice" and "legit" in two separate posts.

Hi Peter, could you give me your thoughts on this Bruce Lee please? Coupled with his student, Vic Damone. Thank you for your time. 

Hi Owen,

This autograph is not authentic unfortunately.  This is a typical forgery from the UK, with multiple similar examples seen in recent years.  Hope that helps-


Thank you Peter. Yes, we thought so.  The seller has sold similar over the last few years - about a dozen from my knowledge. Unfortunately people do buy them. 

Incidentally, this fake sold uncerted for £2000. Sad really. 

Regards Owen

Great autograph.  Authentic, and very typical signature on the mini photos for the Green Hornet in 1966-1967.  These cards measure 2.75x3.25” (on average) and are quite small.  There’s also a 4x5” version of Bruce wearing his Kato costume, and is more rare.  Even rarer are the 8x10” signed photos from the Green Hornet, of which I’ve only seen a few for sale over 25 years collecting.  All of these signed photos are seldom for sale and very sought after.  This one is only cheaper due to the rips over the signature, and would be 15-20K+ if in perfect condition.  The other larger sizes are even more expensive…. If you can find them!


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