It looks pretty good, but I could be wrong.


compared with


compared with 

Apart from the missing "Nadal" in the signature, it looks pretty good. It might've taken too much time to write that out during a mass signing.

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Here is my authentic Federer that is given out to Rolex customers. I think yours is close.

Thank you for confirming my suspicions that this most likely is the real deal. Amazingly, I got it for much less than some of my "certified" items. I've been blithely thinking all this time that COA's actually hold the seller legally responsible, but as long as they "think" that it's authentic, that's all that matters. I guess as counterintuitive as it may seem, COA's, unless obtained from the most trusted sources, are more likely to be attached to fakes as oppose to non-COA items. Might seem like a truism to most on here, but I'm learning every day.



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