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All have something odd about them aside from being rushed. The Mercury is way off on the e is very simplified even for a rushed one (and that's saying something as Freddie during that era already had a very simple style Mercury). John has that odd build up at the beginning of Deacon. Brian's M seems a bit off and the B is large and spaced but not unheard of...Roger has that bizarre Taylor and the issue with the last 2 letters there and with a rarely seen extravagant dragged line from the letter out. Having said that, none of these look to have been done by the same hand. Although they all have weird things about them that even don't usually happen in rushed exmaples...I can not say that this item is fake. The placement is odd as well...could be blamed on being rushed....strange item indeed. In cases like this, I'd suggest just waiting for a better item to surface. I really don't like that Mercury and even though I'm not saying it's a fake...I wouldn't want it in my collection, personally.

Thank you very much for looking Innuendo. A gentleman on RAAC facebook is going to buy it. He says somebody named Jim Beach says it might(?) be ok but he is trusting the seller. I didn't really want to get into it too much over there as I seem to have a couple of German guys annoyed with me already.

Jim is Queen's manager but has said in the past himself that he is not an autograph authenticator by any stretch. However, if the gentleman feels alright about it, he can go ahead and grab it. Like I said, I can't say this item is fake. It very well could just be an extremely rushed situation and a few one offs happened because of it. But please tell whoever wants it to consider those facts before accepting a final price. In other words, I would hope he isn't paying top price for this specific item. If he wants to resell, he has to know this is definitely not an ideal set (but again, I cannot say it's a fake set either).

Thanks again. A Markus Simbach over there thinks its real also. I was just curious and the gentleman is also from Germany that is buying it so I am just bowing out. Someone else informed me it might be similar to a forgers work but I don't know enough,so I wish him luck! I tried.

No problem, always happy to help. I'm mot familiar with any Markus, but sounds like the gentleman made his mind up already anyway lol. There is a very skilled German forger for Queen whos work fools the best of us from time to time. It's very hard to tell if it's his work unless it comes from certain ebay accounts. But it's why I hesitate to say for certain that it's genuine or fake. When all 4 sigs are strangely placed and all have issues like this, we always say just avoid it to be safe. Could be rushed or could be the German forgers work. Either way, I wish the buyer all the best! That's about all you can do for now I suppose lol.
I think it's good but looks bad. Rushed signatures look like that. A forger can't be so f**** good!!!! Nice set for me
They can be this good. And better. This GaGa comes from a German forger. Ian, if you'd ever want an expert opinion on Queen, reach out to Giancarlo Calo. He is now a member of this site as well.

I agree. But the "Freddie Mercury"  on that GaGa has some obvious forged strokes. At least I personally saw that Freddie as fake at first sight. I have to admit that the other three are very good. If the forger had done a better job with Freddie's, I would have never said this Gaga it's fake...

Yes, this Freddie is indeed poor and what tips everyone off. However, keep in mind that this item was an earlier attempt by said forger. We haven't seen much from him in about a year now, but this item wasn't even one of his better attempts as he was able to work on his fakes for sometime and it still was sold through a respected auction house and is now up for sale by the same guy who has the Freddie blow up from the magic tour and a other high priced items (as well as one fake ANATO). Still, as you notice, the Roger is dangerously close. The John not so much, but to the untrained passes. A few of this forger's items have been sold with coas from respected companies. This isn't even his best work. Not by far. Never underestimate forgers.

Thank you both. The discussion here is so much better than the simplistic approach they are taking. I always say there are your kitchen table(crap) forgers,buy then theres that's 5% with artistic talent or modern techniques (tracing,techno) that fool the best. Just didn't want to see a new collector disheartened.

I agree with Innuendo on this. All have some issues but not that many to say this item is all fake. I must say that Taylor-part is pretty bad. If he was pushed in a crowd maybe but with all that other issues including that very strange Freddie I would stay away..

Thank you Mr. Mercury! All we need now is Queen museum. I will say you Queen guys are devoted and greatly appreciated here for the knowledge you share of Queen autographs. Its a shame other bands don't have the same here.



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