What are people's thoughts on this set?

It's certainly a rushed example, but I'm leaning towards authentic.

Could Paul have been signed by someone else?

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At first glance, the Lennon and Harrison look pretty good, Ringo is somewhat questionable but the McCartney is horrible.  Paul didn't sign any of these.  Curious to see other opinions...

George is real in my opinion. John might be real. Paul and Ringo aren't real. Paul and Ringo are in the hand of George, John or Neil.

Thanks guys. I was hoping for a few more opinions to get a consensus.
From what you've both said, it sounds like this definitely isn't a fully signed set.

My opinion would be - authentic George, likely authentic John, Paul and Ringo in the hand of Neil Aspinall.

Yes,  I concur  Ballroom.

Thanks again everyone - that's a good enough consensus for me.


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