THREE DAYS GRACE – EXPLOSIONS VINYL LP- 1st 1000 get a signed copy

it says the 1st 1000 to buy the vinyl get it signed, but no way to tell how many have sold so 'll pass

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I havent payed much attention to them since Adam Gontier left. 

Yeah, I think they still have a decent following, but I doubt they sell 1000 too fast though. I also noticed that the release date is a full 6 months away so another reason I'll pass.

I remember seeing their last album up on newburycomics many times over the summer. Might even still be there.. 

Just checked.. its still there. Your right. Most likely its still under 1000 right now

I just looked this album up.. came out in 2018. Has it been on newbury that long?

Yeah, I really liked Adam and didn't really follow them much after he left, but I do remember hearing some songs with the new singer on the radio and thought they still sounded pretty good. i liked I am machine

I'll have to listen..  its tough when bands change singers. They can get away with any other member change and remain the same band. But if the main voice changes,, I feel they should change the band name as well.. I have so many memories connected to the songs adam sung where it will be hard for me to reconnect now.. Im going thru the same thing with the band Fuel and Brett Scallions. On the other side, you have Megadeth, where all members aside from Dave Mustaine have come and gone and to me, they are still 100% megadeth just because of Mustaine.


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