Looking for opinions on this Tom Brady signed football. Has championship authentics coa from Grand Rapids Michigan. Any info is greatly appreciated!


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Todd, I noticed you post a lot of Brady items for the crew here to opine on.

There are no cheap, authentic Brady autographs.  If you truly desire an authentic Brady autograph, it will cost you more than a few bucks.

Good luck in your hunt.

Thanks for your feedback. I've had plenty of authentic signatures I've bought and sold for far under retail, and a couple of cheaper brady's that passed either JSA or PSA. Surely there are plenty of people out there looking to sell fast, or are unsure of what they have. In fact a year or so back I picked up a Brady Michigan mini helmet for $150 that checked out. There absolutely are cheap authentic Brady's out there, there's just a ton of weeding out to do, and unfortunately I'm not the greatest at that.

I would not be too excited about Brady passing JSA or PSA. I have seen a lot of clunkers get passed by both of them.  Here are a couple:

Oh wow... that looks absolutely terrible lol

no good



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