Tom Brady is doing private signings through Tri-Star and Steiner. (See below).  I'm interesting in writing a post for Forbes where I cover sports memorabilia. I don't begrudge Brady, I suppose, though I'm a Jets fan.

Three questions, please. 

Has anyone ever seen such a high cost for a star to sign your item? 

Can anyone thinking of other stars at the peak of their fame and prowess signing? 

Finally what do folks think of "private" signings? While half the fun is meeting your hero, if you have a prized possession, it's the only option.


P.S. The price of Brady inscriptions is as much as as the vast majority of autographs. 



Your flat Item up to and including 11x14


Your flat Item larger than 11x14, mini helmet, or football


Your full size helmet, or NFL licensed jersey (jersey numbers not accepted)


Your artwork, game used, or multi-signed item with 5 or more autographs already on item, or any other item not listed

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Inscription - Choose 1 from: 3x SB MVP, SB 49 MVP, SB 38 MVP, SB 36 MVP


Inscription - Choose 1 from: 2x NFL MVP, 4x SB Champ, SB 49 Champs, 07 NFL MVP, 10 NFL MVP


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Notes: ONE (1) INSCRIPTION PER ITEM. Tom will not inscribe roman numerals. No trophies or trophy plates.

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A whole bunch of people including myself just paid thousands of dollars for a private signing with Harrison Ford. No send ins allowed, no inscriptions, base price was $650 for an 8x10 all the way up to $4500 for some prop replicas. All for one sloppy, abbreviated signature from Mr. Ford. Crazy right?

And the same crazy lot is going to do it again in January at his next signing.

Hi Mike,

Why would fans spend that much on Ford without any send-ins? You can buy PSA/DNA on eBay for less.


Sure, but his in person signatures are hit or miss, some are extremely sloppy. Also finding a full size movie poster or special prop signed by Ford is next to impossible. Not to mention he's one of the most forged celebrities, even psa gets him wrong sometimes. The signing sold out, as will the next one, so there's no shortage of people willing to pay a premium for him. If the market is there, can't really fault the pricing.

Just because some people are welling to pay the bucks doesn't make it right. No blame on the pricing. Can't fault someone getting all the can get. But, in my opinion, it's a losing proposition in the long run. More like price manipulation than the law of supply and demand. Blame this on the sport card companies who started this by throwing their big bucks around with random inserts. Not caring one bit about those who actually collect for the joy of it.

Honestly, I couldn't pay more than $200 for anything to be signed at a private/public signing by someone who is living and still active in his respective sport.  Ridiculous costs, considering you can get signatures from greats like Mantle, DiMaggio etc for under $300

That's a really good point, Mike. I bought a unique Mickey Mantle photo of him with a rare glove I own for $300, PSA/DNA. You can get a toned ball for a little more.


And at least you can authenticate Mantle and Dimaggio on the basis of the signature alone. Good luck doing that with Brady now.

And whom would I rather have an autograph from when considering these three: Brady, Harrison Ford, or Mickey Mantle? Mickey Mantle. It's a no-brainer!

I would go for the Harrison Ford but nowhere near $649. There are so many forgeries out there I may not ever get one but that's part of the challenge. Finding a good one at the price that fits my budget which is always tight. Seven mouths to feed in my family!!

Feeding your family over buying autographs. Now that's the biggest no-brainer I've heard. You make a lot of sense, Joe. Maybe you should be an addiction counselor for members of our site. I'd like to book the first appointment, please.

Kind of take$ the fun out of the hobby. And the average Joe a$ well. Hard to think there i$ up$ide potential at tho$e price$. Greed alway$ kill$ the golden goo$e.

Thanks, Joe.


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