Hey there again, could you check this out please and let me know what you think... Thank you very much

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ZZ, you're right of course. I must be getting senile in my old age.

$1,500.00 for an authentic Hendrix on a baseball.........

Yeah right!!!

All right, thanks guys

only really as an oppening act for the monkess .yes jimi oppend for the monkees unannounced or festivails he really only did arenas late on its funny I was just dating some 1968 tour posters and in buffalo he only sold 6000 out of 15000 tickets. he did a lot of festivals, arenas, one or2  stadiums.ive hand jimi own guitars in my hands before and other artifacts of jimis years ago.

steve is correct a ball signed by jimi would be to 10 k oppening bid to what ever market value it went for there are no comps for it. so its basically ask what ever u can get 

and a scap of jimi is 1500 to a couple grand depending on what its on.

this thread sounds like a case of eye spy

Z Z,

You've been joining discussions and attempting to convince members that autographs that many of us are sure are obvious forgeries are real. Between that, your harassment of Terrier, and your utter dishonesty overall, I'm permanently removing you from Autograph Live.

In spite of that I don't want you to get burned, so I urge you not to buy anything from Jack Lorent, the seller with all those amateur forgeries for sale, including the football above and other obvious forgeries he has with fake PSA/DNA certification. And especially not that ridiculous Jimi Hendrix "signed" baseball that you now said you're interested in.


Z Z sent me a message this morning, so I'm posting it to be fair:

"Wow now I've been suspended? So because I seem to be the only one who asked for details of why some idiots Give opinions on autographs that are most likely real ... Because they've compare them to the examples of ones that are deemed Real by the powers that be? And then what an example of an authenticated autograph is shown to them, they stumble all over themselves to tell that person that it's fake even though it's actually real ... probably because they're jealous and want it themselves, And I don't know if I want to be a part of a site we're the administrator doesn't even know that Jimi Hendrix was an American ... he was in the Army for craps sake , I think I've known that since I was 5 or 6 years old, my father told me.... That's just strange... So when asked for constructive details, nobody can come up with anything ... that's scary that you have a whole website that does that and everybody's okay with it ... Thank you so much and good luck"

Yeah, I really want to load up my collection with a bunch of amateur forgeries. This is a site where collectors ask for opinions.  Not detailed explanations of such. No one has the time for that and there are other reasons why we avoid getting into details.  Sometimes, the opinion is not what the poster expects, and then this happens.


Amen brother.

i don't post alot but i think what ZZ has done is pretty lame and uncalled for....especially taking shots at Terrier...he's a person that i trust and value his opinion...lots of time people are told that a signature is thought fake and want to know why...i get that...but everyone has an opinion..correct or not, it's their personal opinion...no need to for this scenario on this group....JMHO




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