It comes with a JSA cert but this ball isn't all that expensive and I was wondering when did they stop making the NL and AL baseballs? I know they are all Selig balls now right? I haven't been in the hobby of baseballs very long so still doing homework. Any help would be appreciated. I hope they picture I link is big enough.... thanks again!

here is the pic -

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It's authentic

to answer your question, it was in 2000

and you only really need to consider the ball it's signed on (in terms of authenticity) when a player has passed... That ball that is pictured is a Coleman ball, which definitely correlates to Glavines career.... However it doesn't necessarily mean it was signed when those balls were being used... There are folks that like getting balls from the era when a player played.. Like they wouldn't want aHank Aaron signed selig ball...

that is true David. I am one of those that prefers to collect signed balls from the players era.  

all that makes sense regarding the ball and all. Thanks guys. My Mickey Mantle ball is on a Bobby Brown AL ball but I think most of my others are more recent. I only have a small collection of baseballs because I'm trying to be picky with players and it cost money lol. I started off and still to some extent collect cards (vintage,some new,relics and autos) I have one bat that is signed by Dale Murphy a friend gave me and a mini helmet signed by Dontrelle Willis from tristar (Carolina Mudcats). The only balls I own are Mantle,Tresh 62ROY,Bobby Richardson (bombers best) :) Dontrelle Willis ROY ball, Pete Rose black rawlings signed in gold ink 63 ROY,Don Sutton (pre HOF but ball is fading) that one and some other Braves balls that I can't even tell who signed them anymore came with some stuff I was buying..didn't care for the balls but took them anyway. I guess now I own this Glavine ball, that is if it's in good cond when I get it.. I only paid about $40 for it and it's no hassle returns. If all else fails I saw some others I liked. Sorry for the long reply lol

The same ball (identical JSA) is currently for sale on ebay...

if you bought it from that person, may want to have them take the listing off ebay!

I wonder why he has the ball I just bought and I mean the same ball and's the same person. How would he have gotten 2 identical certs? and they both have some of the same issues. If I don't feel comfortable when I get it I'll send it back. I bet he just listed it twice to make sure he sold it but if I dont get a real ball with authentic sig it's going back. No hassle returns. Nice spot tho, I would have never looked for identical JSA do you do that?


Frankie, if you are diligent and patient, you can get really good deals on signed baseballs, if you know the autograph you are buying. for example, I recently purchased a Whitey Ford signature on a Lee MacPhail ball for 25 dollars.  

thanks David. Helps out because I noticed he has a few different sigs that are kinda the same.

yes, below are 2 glavine sigs i have (ball on left,he is the top signature)...first one i got in spring training 1989 (i was vvery young at the time, and unfortunately got it signed on an AL baseball -- d'oh!), second one is circa 2009.  his sig has changed over the years...

right on, yeah sometimes I jump the gun but usually I'm pretty patient. I contacted the seller since he had the same ball still up for sale after I bought it but Im guessing he listed it twice to make sure he sold it...not something I would do but just what I'm thinking.



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