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Sure! I was over there fishing around for the Bono book, they’re usually not far behind Waterstones if they’re going to have it. Managed to miss that again this AM after checking periodically all night lol. Anyway, saw this when I was over there. 

I've also noticed that there are some regional editions - Knopf Canada has a specific version as well.




I posted the text above because I don't want the link to auto-post to the front page. Here's the Indigo link - enjoy.

What do you think could be different about this version?

Hey crazyrabbits23 thanks for posting this!

You just saved me some money! I just cancelled my Branes & Nobles order.

As a Canadian, now I don't have to pay the USA dollar exchange, shipping, duty or import tax.

Free shipping and used the Canadian dollar at Chapters Indigo here at home!

No worries - I love Indigo (snafus over how they handled Grohl aside). I've been buying more stuff from them as of late.

Regarding regional editions, besides the publisher's alternate logo on the spine, regional editions sometimes have different dust jacket designs, "signed by author" stickers or layout differences. A much longer discussion for another time.

Thank you! :)

Please note: This list contains books for which we expect to receive signed copies; we do not always receive the quantity of signed copies we expect. Please include a note with your preorder if you are interested in the book only if it is signed.


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