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It's hard to summarize. I guess at the top of the list would be poor customer service with no excuse for it given their assets. Lack of accountability, dishonesty and a general trend toward crapping on fans (and artists they're supposed to be representing). I'm sure that others will point toward autopen/ghost signer issues in the past, but I still feel that has more to do with the artist management and/or the artists themselves - though UMG hardly enforce ethical practices here. Dirty monstrosity of a company overall.

Great find ! Thanks! The fact that it sold out quickly is a good sign. ..(IF IT REMAINS SO!)

Plenty more Now 

Yikes. Bad sign. Here comes the autopens.

That was my initial thought, but the ones currently on his site do not appear to be signed. I’m not sure anymore signed copies added, so panic over!

Yep, no autopens. Just not signed at all ! (which is good for those who caught one before thanks to David...)

NOt necessarily.  Some Taylor Swift signed CDs were sent out by UMG.  They handled quite a few of them, and they are all deemed authentic.

Yes it's always a gamble. Taylor has been one of the exceptions. IMO she has been very smart with her business practices and it sounds like she is in total control. There is no way she would let autopens loose on her watch because she wouldn't want to offend her fanbase. Again IMO I believe that a lot of UMG artists don't pay as close of attention as she does and UMG uses that to their advantage to sell more product. And they deal with the backlash of a few of us who are unhappy and gripe but in the long run we are probably a pretty small percentage. The larger got their signed Ozzy cd's and are showing them off to their friends, never knowing it's a fake. I just felt it should be known that this was UMG because many of us have gotten burned this past year. And I appreciate it when others let me know before I pull the trigger on buying and when I decide to buy I understand the final product could be a bummer. Depending on the artist and price leans me one way or the other at this point.

Looks like a false alarm. I'm not seeing a restock.

I'm still trying to come to terms with the Ozzy fiasco haha

Me too, even though I got my money back.



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