This month will mark one year since Tony Curtis, the beloved actor, passed away. I decided to post this quick thread after searching through past ones and seeing very little discussed about Tony Curtis' signature. There are a lot of through the mail Tony Curtis signatures on eBay with certificates from both PSA/DNA and JSA. I think it's pretty well known that Tony Curtis' through the mail was secretarial but I'd like to post this for anyone who doesn't know or may be fooled by the PSA or JSA seal of approval.


Tony Curtis Secretarial:


The differences between authentic Tony signatures and this secretarial are very distinctive. 

Here's a quick rundown of some differences:

1. Tony Curtis didn't stack his signature. See how the Tony is on top of the Curtis in the secretarial above. That isn't present in authentic examples.

2. Tony Curtis would almost always attach the "y" in Tony to the "C" in Curtis.

3. The "C" in Tony Curtis will almost always have a little loop or attachment at the top. It's most often part of the attachment between the "y" and "C" but it is also present in signatures where there is no attachment.

*4. Tony Curtis' authentic signature was much more varied than this secretarial and more sloppy on average.*


Here are some Tony Curtis signatures we know with absolutely certainty to be real. You can compare them with the secretarial and also the characteristics outlined above: 



Now here is some side by side comparison of the secretarial signature versus the authentic Tony Curtis signature. The secretarial version is on the left and the authentic signature is on the right: 



Tony Curtis was a very willing signer in-person. He signed right up until the end. He just didn't sign through the mail. Where would he find the time with five wives?



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I'm okay, guys. Thanks for the concern. A bunch of different things have had a hand in pulling me back a bit from the hobby, including some dissatisfaction with the hobby itself. I haven't browsed AML for a while, so I'm excited to check the backlog of new posts.

These Tony Curtis examples, excluding the one you identified as a secretarial, are quite nice. Good find. A great little collection of Sidney Falco.


It is so good to see you here again! Thanks for your input on the Tony Curtis signatures. I'm looking forward to seeing you coming around more often.

Ditto to Steve's comments Brick

Thanks, Grant. I can see your name hasn't been around much lately either. Maybe we'll both end up changing that.

Thanks for the warm welcome back, Steve. I remember trying to go to the website sometime ago and it was down. I got worried all the hassle might have finally gotten to you. It came back online fairly quickly and put my worries to rest. I'm glad it was and is still going strong with plenty of fresh blood, too. This site is a valuable tool and much more.

The platform we're on has gone from incredibly reliable to marginal over the last year or so. We need to move, but they own the software and moving to a new platform is a huge, expensive, headbanging endeavor. 

I'm glad you tried us again, Brick. You've truly been missed.

I'm deep in a project right now...catch up later. And thanks for your input on the Tony Curtis autographs!


I believe this is a genuine early Tony Curtis signature. Let me know if I am mistaken.

It's been over 6 months since Brick last posted to the site. Hope he is okay. A valuable contributor.

Brick is missed, for sure. I emailed him at his email address on file and it bounced, so he must have closed it. One of his friends here was invited to Autograph Live by Brick, so I sent him an email to see if he can connect us.



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