Toto - With A Little Help From My Friends 2LP/DVD/BluRay (Signed Postcard)

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Here is a photo of mine. One signature is smudged. Would have to have been me to get that.....

I ordered the Blu-Ray

Attachments: No photo uploads here

**it happens    I ordered a Peter Cetera;  smudged.  Ordered 2 Sting cd's; one was smudged...

just saw Newbury added some more back but only 2 left so hurry if interested

Thanks, I got one!


After seeing, a couple months back, how great these Newbury signed Toto mini prints came out, I'd been regretting not having picked up one when I'd had the chance.  But through your vigilance, I was--I can't even believe it--able to score one after all.  BARELY!

Many, many thanks for this one brother!

No problem and glad you got one, it said only 2 left when I saw it and 2 of you on here said you got one so I guess it was worth posting lol. I noticed with Newbury you have to keep up with the number of items they have available, when I checked today I noticed there were a couple more items for sale than there was last night and nothing new at the top so I scrolled through and saw the Toto and Yolo ones that weren't there before. when they add extra they always seem to put it back in line where it was originally at not at the top so you know it's there.

Today I was able to purchase this from a private collector, but 2 questions, maybe you guys can help out:

1) what is the size of the mini print card?

2) is it on thick paper or more like a cd cover type of booklet?



Thanks, that gave me a good idea. 

I haven't got the exact measurements for you (mine's tucked away), but there's a very clear picture by Steve in this thread a couple of posts back.

It's on thick paper.

Got it, thanks. 


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