Toto - With A Little Help From My Friends 2LP/DVD/BluRay (Signed Postcard)

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Nice One, Thanks!

What’s more this has just told me that Newbury Comics are shipping to the UK again. Happy days!

Pretty much don't have to worry about getting a stamped, auto-pen, or some other nonsense with Newbury Comics. One of the best out there. :)

Great alternative to the band webstore signed variants!

CD/BD: 131x left

2LP: 92x left

CD/DVD: 175x left

Got mine today with lovely signed card, including David Paich’s signature, which is cool.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Hi Chris,

Yes, very cool. I received mine too. I think I might put it in a frame.

Pretty cool, whos signature is each? Do you know?

Steve L and Joseph have both signed above their names, as has Warren. Steve M has signed on the right hand side below his, with John underneath him. On the left Dominique is right at the bottom with David Paich signed above that. Sput's signature is not on there.

That's the way I see it, but stand to be corrected!

Hi Chris.  Be really grateful if you could please tell me who has signed where on mine please as am really stuck

Hi Michelle, from what I can see yours are in a similar place to mine, so follow my explanation, but I can’t see Dominique on yours.

Hope that this helps, together with Drogenbaron’s map below!

thank you very much Chris and Drogenbaron, - much appreciated

Great guys, thanks! Im getting mines in about a month, these are going to a frame also!

There you go :)


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