Trouble finding a few genuine autographs, Hopefully someone can help

Hello everyone,

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Try www.autographpros.com. They're in-person collectors known for guitars but they have signed photos and albums too. Reputable and music is their specialty. 

Also hit up Stephen Duncan here. He's a collector but he moves some of his excess every now and then and he may have The Edge and Prince. If he said he got it in person, he did.

I have quite a few individual Edge signatures. Please contact me direct at kiwaj@aol.com

In person collector Jason Thanos (www.hollywood-autographs.com) has several Edge autographs available at reasonable prices - nice photos from the Vertigo and 360 tours I believe. 

Hi Chris, I can absolutely guarantee your signatures on the pickguard are by My Bloody Valentine.  They match my promo cassette exactly.  My friends and I  met them and hung out with them on the evening of their show Feb 16, 1992 at Ohio State University's Student Union.  They were in the middle of the bill, with Dinosaur Jr headlining and local girls Scrawl filling in for the cancelled Babes in Toyland for the opening slot.  Bilinda and Deb were absolute sweethearts.  Kevin didn't say a word until I mentioned how they reminded me of Sonic Youth circa Daydream Nation, who I had seen in Atlanta Nov. '88.  He readily agreed they were a key influence of MBV's infamous 15-20 minute pummelling of one chord during "You Made Me Realise." Congrats on a very cool piece of music memorabilia!

 I wonder if your pickguard came from the same tour.  It would be cool to know if it came from one of the band's instruments, and if so which show.




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