What's your thoughts?

Will hopefully put up a picture of the C.O.A soon!

seller says the Certificates come from the Authentic Autograph Unlimited of Drew Max 

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A lot of people simply don't know the score. He was the authenticator on Pawn Stars for years, too, which made him look legit.

RR Auction has a genuine Martin Luther King autograph with an AAU sticker on it: http://www.rrauction.com/bidtracker_detail.cfm?IN=271

I believe that's IAU: Inauthentic Autographs Unlimited.

They're a total fraud.

Thanks everyone for all your reply's/opinions, it's much appreciated!

Ive been to antiquities in Las Vegas and they never seem to run out of Tupac autographs. Ive seen a black signed bandana at there Vegas store a few months back. I have added a photo of my signed 2pac index card.

Thanks for this info, just came across this on their San Francisco store website. Signature is similar to the one I started this discussion on and both come with the exact same presentation frame/photos, so one of them must be fake, if not both. I'd say this one looks more legit than the other. Any thoughts?

I would stay clear from them like I said they never run out of stock on Tupac autos. 

I saw this on eBay

No its a forgery. 

The bandana i agree is a forgery as well

No chance.




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