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That’s good to know hopefully the uk get them even though the shipping to uk was very reasonable imo

Out of stock now. Dang, too late. I'm crying inside.

Me too! You can't have a social life the weeks before Black Friday. So many good stuff.

Hi all, I'm new to this forum and have found it to be a fantastic resource due to all of you good people out there. Unfortunately, I missed this one too out here on the West Coast and am hoping someone has 1 (or better yet 2) to trade or sell.  

Welcome! :)

Thank you kindly - Walter White!  You guys on this Forum are awesome.


Beat me to the punch. Got it this time ...  YES !!

Dang missed it again. It says preorder but then says out of stock when I try to add to cart.

Back out of stock…

eBay sellers are making a killing today… 

I don’t want to spend $100 on this, but that might be the cheapest it’ll be for awhile :(

I guarantee you there are many many lurking resellers that have notifications on for every post in this forum and they buy all they can when they get the notification that someone posted something or there has been a restock and it takes away from people that are actually collectors.

How do you put notifications on for new posts?



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