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Did you get a dispatch notice initially.  ? 

if so they still might move they are moving slowly 

No.  Unfortunately, I was in the group which never moved to the shipping phase.  My status was "Not Shipped" and "Processing".  Now my status shows "Closed".  I was fortunate to get in during a brief window near the end of this promotion.  However, it always felt tenuous since my status never changed despite seeing others being shipped.  Oh well, I gave it a shot.

So sorry to hear that man I tried to order for my friend after I got mine and the site crashed they sold out I still got charged and been contacting them ever since and they saying they ain’t got my money and won’t refund when it says on my statement so I have had to contact the bank to get a charge back over like £35 or something I must of purchased just as they sold out I guess :( 

Hopefully you can get one somehow without paying flip prices dude 


Was yours placed on backorder initially?

Another order where company screws us. 

This is the third company to screw me over recently... Slash Signed Mini Guitar cancelled after three months of waiting, Lana Del Rey being autopen, and now this... (Sorry I had to vent)

I'm mad too. This was the only big release next to Grohl that I was looking forward to. 

Mine was cancelled as well. I was getting it for a nephew so now I have to find an alternate gift but I'm not too bummed. It's annoying getting your order in and then getting it cancelled, though. This has happened numerous times in the last year.

Got my shipping notice a few weeks ago and it still hasn't moved. I'm just waiting for them to cancel it on me

If you got your shipping notice, you should be good. Mine just (finally) moved today.

I have the same issue and asked them about it. They got back to me really quick confirming my order has shipped and the tracking delays are tied up with USPS/UPS.

Mine finally moved and is in Minnesota. It should be out for delivery soon.

11:13 A.M.
Arrived at UPS Facility Brooklyn Park, MN, United States
2:52 A.M.
Departed UPS Facility Fontana, CA, United States
11:17 P.M.
Package processed Fontana, CA, United States
9:10 A.M.
Shipment Delivered to USPS, Package Acceptance Pending Minneapolis, MN, United States
2:12 A.M.
Package received for processing Fontana, CA, United States
9:30 P.M.
Shipment tendered to UPS Mail Innovations Carlsbad, CA, United States



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