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Mine didn't move from 11/22 when the label was created till 12/7... says its on its way now, looks like. Hopefully everyone gets theirs. Sucks they're canceling on people.

my label was also created on 11/22 and then moved to shipped on 12/3 but hasn't moved from California in 5 days now. I guess it has actually shipped but don't know for sure

Same here but mine finally moving…FYI there was no departure scan on mine when it left CA. It just appeared at next stop this AM. 

Yeah, I was about to give up on these but the same thing here, no departure scan but they just showed in in Florida today. hoping to have them in a couple of days but the post office is already seriously backed up here so who knows how much longer. just glad their still moving

Yeah, mine have continued on their journey and made it almost to my city without any departure scans along the way. Just appears at next stop.

Still scheduled for Friday but could be tomorrow if they pick up the pace lol…(I know it’s the holidays, plus it’s still got to be transferred to usps for delivery)

mine had been saying the 14th but now they changed it to Friday the 10th, but the post office is so short-handed here that it usually takes several days once they receive it. I've been seeing a lot of people saying their orders got canceled so I'm not complaining and will gladly wait as long as i have too lol 

Lol true, Friday (or next week) is better than never!

Mine just says Not Shipped

My status never changed from "Not Shipped" until I received the email cancelling my order.  Status also showed "Backordered" initially which later changed to "Processing" which it remained until canceled.  

The email I received letting me know my order was "backordered" gave me the option to cancel.  Their shipping status page also provides an option to cancel.  A response to an email I sent inquiring about status provided an option to cancel.  I did not think anything about the option to cancel until I received their notice cancelling my order.  Perhaps not enough people opted to cancel their orders.

Good luck with your item.  These look really nicely done.

Great, I had hope when it went from Backordered to Processing. Guess the same thing will happen to me. 

Just got mine today…went from usps waiting for package to delivered…no updates in between!  It’s an art card, but I like the look of the autos!

Yea they do look great



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