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Same here, mine arrived direct from ups today…one of them is slightly smudged but I’ll take it. 

I ordered 2 signed CDs and received nothing signed. I opened one of the CDs and nothing was in there signed either.

Really :(

im dreading mine arriving now :( 

They gave me a full refund and didn't ask for the CDs back. No replacements, but at least I don't have to go to the post office.

Was anybodies tracking labeled parcel select lightweight?

Mine says 0.8999 LBS

My international shipment just updated.

Package status: In transit
2021-12-13 09:19, FONTANA, CA, US, Package received for processing
2021-11-22 22:10, US, Order information received

Mine too! Also in Fontana, CA. 

It still has a long journey to go, I don't expect to receive this before 2022, but am happy to see it finally moving. I was checking every day.

Mine still says backordered…

Mine showed up. I thought I canceled them but I must of haven’t. 

mine finally arrived in the UK today and luckily were signed 



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