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No problem, I saw someone post that there were less than 3000 left about 10 minutes ago but I can't get it to show up on my stock checker

That’s awesome!  Just picked one up.  Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, this is just another one that proves how out of touch I am with most of these signatures I buy, I'm not that familiar with these guys but aren't they huge? seems like I remember seeing their last signed Cd selling for between $100-$200 on eBay a couple of years ago

They are massive mate 

That's what I thought, I really need to start listening to more current stuff but still stuck on my 80's metal lol

Nothing wrong with that at all I was brought up listening to that sorta thing being an 80s child myself 

I quite like pilots myself great addition to any collection imo 

I am the same. Big time stuck in the 80's guy. I may have to give this one a go seeing the comments on them. I need to start listening to more of the current stuff too. Cheers!

You the Boss, KD!  I am a massive fan of 21 Pilots.  They are considered one of the best in their generation of bands.  Their concerts are epic, and their music is actually very creative and pleasant to the ears at the same time, a rarity these days…

Nice find been waiting for this signed version to drop 


Will only let me add 1300 to basket if I try 1500 says not that many available so they going really fast 

just over 800 left be gone within 10

minutes at this rate 

yeah in the 900's now and going fast, I don't see a limit so people are probably buying them in bunches.



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