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You are awesome, thank you so much.  I love you!

500+ left as of 8 PST. Will be gone in the next 15 minutes max.  Hurry!

yep less than a 100 left

As the official timekeeper, it was gone at 8.13 PST.  So about 65 minutes time window between KD’s post and Sold Out, for those interested in such stats.  

Worth pointing out that the Trench CDs Newbury sold a couple years ago appeared to be signed by a ghost signer. I purchased this anyway, but my expectations aren't high.

I had email with picture of them signing them but that don’t prove nothing nowadays 

All the Newbury and JB ones were signed consistently and were completely different than their in-person signatures, even at sit-down signings for that release. I tossed mine, as there wasn't much of a question that something was off. Hoping for a better result this time.

I’ve seen a few Trench signatures that were really good, but most of the US ones were obviously not signed by Josh Dun

On eBay for over £100 a pop already 

I'm not surprised they are on eBay that fast but I am surprised that 2 have sold already for between $125-$175, I mean they just sold out so why would you not at least wait and see if there is a restock and get one for $20? I guess they have way more money than me and just don't care lol

And me or they are a super fan and just have to get it maybe at what ever cost 

Yes I can see a super fan paying whatever it takes but I'm just saying they should wait a few, like someone on Twitter just said, Trench released 3 different times, and both  Amazon UK and Newbury got it so chances are they could have saved more than $100 for being patient.



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