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Follow the main forum for the musicians selling stuff and it'll notify when anything new is posted

If you go to the main page where things get posted and you scroll down to where you change pages, it is right under that.

Thank you! That’s so cool! 

sorry to anyone getting notified because of this comment, but I literally check this site daily…

For some reason when I type Live into my browser search it always takes me to page 4, so it’s fun to click page 1! 

this is the coolest community I’ve ever been a part of!

I look forward to seeing post from KD, Landon Miller, ShadyBootlegger, PFCollector, etc! Nobody in my inner circle understands my collection or why I even spend what I do on it, but I feel like you guys (although some of you might be strictly for profit buyers) understand how cool it is!


Appreciated man thanks 

I love this forum too 

Welcome :)

It's a nice community for sure.

Agreed, love this forum. I don't know anyone in real life who collects stuff I do so this is a great place. I've gotten a lot of awesome autographs I never thought I'd get thanks to this community. 

Growing up,, i couldn't get most of my friend's into it either but some are starting to become interested lately.. I think we all have different reasons why we start and why we have a love for this hobby that others dont.. For me, the Chicago Cubs used to use my street as a shortcut to the expressway and would stop right in front of my house waiting to cross the main street.. I had so much fun as a kid meeting players. Sandberg dove down in a convertible once with a girl that was definitely not his wife. Paul assenmacher refused to open his window once and, as a frustrated kid, I kicked his tire.. once he crossed the main street, he rolled down his window and gave us the finger and sped off.. Ron santo was always nice and always stopped when we spotted him. Sadly, chicago put a 4 way stop sign around 1995 which meant there was no longer a line of cars waiting but the damage was done. I was hooked on this hobby. After that stopped, I became big on ttm collecting for years. I then started stalking newburycomics about 10 years ago before there were forums. I bought some cool stuff back then but after getting married, i  somehow lost interest.  took a break for a long time to focus on family stuff. I became a member on here a few years ago but never fully got back into collecting until this spring.. I cant believe how much I missed it. Im so thankful this community exists and we can help each other out.. since this spring, im using my phone as much as I can to keep up with everything. Its still impossible. Life gets in the way. Ive picked up some cool stuff this year though. Im hooked now and plan to stick around for a long time. 

I agree man! So glad to have this forum, been following off and on for a while, and recently joined. Appreciate all the posts, special thanks to KD, Shadybootlegger, and Jor-El for all the tips…you have helped me grow my collection nicely!! 

Thank you so much! The site gave me some trouble with the captcha (I hate those!), but I managed to get one just in time.

This site is great, but agreed people are catching onto it and beating us collectors.

I saw this short video on Twitter of them signing and couldn't figure out how to get the video on here so I'll try the link, if you notice right at the end it zooms in on the subscribe to back in stock notifications, so keep checking if you missed it because it seems like a hint that there will be more.

it was on the site before the restock 



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