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I've noticed that happens with ebay sellers, just not usually as extreme on the wait... sellers will just print a shipping label to make you think it's shipped but then not take it to the post office for days. So it'll say shipped but the shipping company doesn't even have it yet to be able to deliver it. Maybe they think it looks better if people think it's "shipped", and buys some time to actually ship it.

Yeah I made the mistake of waiting too long to file a claim on the Trippie ones and they refused to refund me, I thought I was just out of luck so I was happy to see them finally move, even if it is over 3 months later

That's how it works for us as consumers.

Companies who ship lots of packages, like a CD release, have their shipments picked up by UPS. They'll have put the packages in bags or on a pallet. The truck is only picking up the lot, the individual packages won't be updated as in the hands of UPS until someone scans them after they are delivered. It's likely it did get picked up as the website says but then it got put in a UPS warehouse and overlooked.

If we all contact them maybe then they'll realise it's a bigger issue and contact UPS for an investigation. 

Checked my tracking this morning and is now finally moving. My expected delivery is by next Wednesday. Hope everyone else who has been waiting will have good news like this too.

Thanks for the update. No movement here yet.

Yeah no movement here either, but the fact that they are still trickling out gives me hope they are still working on it and haven't run out yet.

Keep checking guys!

Thanks, you were right, I've been checking every time I see someone say there's is moving and mine finally showed up in California

Whats the shipping confirmation titled lol? I cant find it in my email 

Twenty One Pilots Webstore

An order is on the way

My order is finally on the way as well

Mine has changed from “back ordered” to “not shipped”



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