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It didn't work, I was subscribed but had to hear about the restock here. No e-mail.

This was before the second wave, I don't know if it means there will be more release-waves.

I saw you post this link earlier today; thank you for that because it made me stay up later than I was planning. Because of that I was able to secure a copy!

Oh ok, I had to go off for a while and didn't realize there was a second wave. I could be wrong but I bet they do some more, seems like they did at least a few last time, of course, each restock never lasted long so you had to be on constant lookout

A photo from the store newsletter shows them signing CD booklets, for those of you who are interested...

Well I know that it's been proven that these pics mean nothing other than they signed some of them but I do still like to see them so i have hope lol

I hope they do a restock £79.99 on e bay UK ,too much for me ill take the risk and wait a while

That’s not too bad compared to the prices I’ve seen some sell for 

the option to put email on the site for restock was still there last time I checked so I imagine that there will be one soon or it wouldn’t be there I guess like the Ed Sheeran’s was doing 

Ill keep any eye out did they do a decent combined shipping cost to the UK  

Yeah man 

I bought 2 and was $16.99 shipping to the uk very reasonable 

of it wasn’t would of sent to my USA buddy but that price was good 


Back in stock

Thanks! Got one this time. :)



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