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No problem, I just woke up to a shipping confirmation email on my order and decided to check and sure enough they were back in stock. it may just be the leftovers after they got the orders figured out so they may not last long

I appreciate it, I had been checking over and over since they were first listed for sale and never seen them in stock so I kinda gave up. Glad to get one! I'll be curious if they sell out quick or not. 

Is there a website to track how much is left? This is a dream come true man!

I'm not sure how to check but I know some people do it on other sites so it's probably possible. 

Last time it let me add 5000 and keeped working down this time only lets me add 4 so don’t know how to do it this time 

When do these albums start shipping?

KD said he got his shipping confirmation this morning so I assume right away 

Mines been shipped from the first drop 

My order hasn't yet shipped. I think it was the second drop, a week or so ago.

Yes, I got the shipping confirmation email this morning from my order I placed on Nov. 11th, of course they haven't actually shipped but I do have the tracking number, so hopefully soon.

Gone now. Was able to place an order. So happy :)

Does anyone have a signed Blurryface copy and would like to trade for a signed Scaled and Icy CD?



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