Today i found 2 auctions on ebay with the same rsa/dna number I44243

I want to check that on but there is no picture shown.

How trustful is RSA!?

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Those stickers have different fonts for the numerals - esp noticeable with the "3" and its spacing. I don't know Jackson and I don't care for stickers so I'd not know, but someone who does will likely recognize what is going on here rather quickly. 

Thanks Eric, i haven’t glue;-) but maybe someone of experts here can identify with one is fake or maybe both. 

The date on the PSA DNA database matches the letter’s date but oddly, it does not include the grade.  

I am not sure what the authentication fee was for Michael in 2009 but I would guess that they were at least $50 even before his death.  If so, they would have produced a full LOA, as opposed to the cert corresponding to your first photo. 

I would call them.  

I wrote an email to them and will see what happened. Thanks for your help.

Let us know, berit.  I am curious.

Me too;-) Its such a mess and sometimes i guess its better to buy a re-copy of autograph it doesnt hurts so much.

psa should better document those on their webpage.

Today i got answer from PSA Team, the LOA of second item is counterfeit. This one was already sold for 920 GBP. 

For the frist item they are not 100% sure and they want to check that.

Thanks for this follow up, Berit.




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