Two signed cards of Amy Winehouse.. Or not? Help please

I know this topic probably repeats here, but 
I have the opportunity
to buy two signed cards that should be signed by 
Amy Winehouse.
Can you advise me if they are genuine? .. 
I personally do not think so, 
but I need advice. Both photos are on ebay 
and each of them cost about 
30 euro.
Thanks for your answers.. And sorry for my english :)

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Sorry, these are both not real. Also, the 30 euros price is a warning sign.

all the best.

Thank you for your opinion .. I personally also think it is not the original. Do you think that I could get the original of her signature in the range of about 500 euros?

+1... Neither of these are Real. Probably closer to 1,000 Euros!

I would probably pay so much money, but only if it was really her signature.. Sorry for my english... I use google translator :D

And what about this? amy.jpg

Sorry, it doesn't look Good either, IMO....


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