Hi guys.


I have a favor to ask. I am considering buying this book privately. I was wondering if I can get an opinion on this signed book U2 by U2. Is there any experts who can render an opinion on it. It seems okay to me  from looking at other examples but I realize that this is also a band that we would see forged.


Roger if you see this can you please give me your thoughts. 


Thanks for your help.


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My wife is a U2 fan and I purchased this item years ago.  Can I ask for opinions on this signed U2 piece.  I'm not the greatest at taking photos with an old camera, but I can try to take a better pic if need be.  Thank you everyone in advance for any assistance.



Sorry, but that definitely doesn't look good to me.  :(  Notice that the "D" in Adam and Edge's signature even looks the same!

David, if you're still looking for a real one, check this one out:




Believe it or not, despite the incredibly low starting price, this one appears to be absolutely real!  The sigs are entirely consistant with 2006 B & N signings.  Looks like Clayton's sig might be a bit smudged, but no big deal.


I'm not sure what this one is going to go for, but fans are good at spotting the real thing - this will go for a lot more than $36. 

Hows this bono sig/sketch look?

To me, it's one of those that I'm not quite sure what to do with.  I realize that in rushed/crowded circumstances, Bono can sometimes sign a quick "B" but then it begs the question as to why he had time for the sketch . . . For something like this, it really comes down to the source.  If you're absolutely confident in your seller, or you have rock-solid proof (i.e. pics of Bono signing that album), then you're good to go.  


It definitely looks like Bono's signing pattern (sketch looks right, too), but the rushed B I see so many in-person collectors selling the past few years seems to have opened the door for making Bono easier to forge.

No pic of bono but it has a PAAS COA with it. Not sure if that helps

If you want to run it by Roger Epperson, that would be a good idea - rock autographs are his specialty.  While I don't see any red flags, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable buying it - just a personal preference.  But, just to put it in perspective, here's an in-person example from one of the top in-person collectors in the UK:




This is a very rushed example, but absolutely authentic.  However, the only reason I would ever consider purchasing this example is because I have absolutely no doubts about the source.  Jason gets everything himself - he's sold many Bonos in the past.  But the nicest ones always get snatched up by other dealers very quickly.  He had a fantastic Live Aid pic up several months ago with a relatively nice signature and a very fair price (less than $100 I think).  I'm kicking myself for not buying it.

Ya see the B and o look pretty damn close to that pic and others I've seen with the shortened Bo. But then I'm curious about the sketch and if he did the sketch why didn't he do the full Bono sig...

You could run it by the facebook page U2graphs.....by u2eastlink.com .  Max might have some input - he's a U2 fan who's seen tons of authentic in-person examples over the years.  He just posted on this morning that was obtained yesterday.  U2Eastlink.com is also the website which maintains the U2 in-person database from 1980 - present.  


Is this from an individual seller or a dealer?

Much appreciated, just sent him an email.


And it's from a seller. PAAS # matches up which is good I guess

To be honest, I know nothing about PAAS, mainly because I give authentication services a very limited amount of credit.  I really think you should run this one by Mr. Epperson for an opinion.  He might have some additional insight.  I'm certain he's seen tons of Bono autographs over the years.


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