Hello all!  This U2 autographed guitar is being auctioned off at a local school and based on everything I know about U2, their signing habits, and things I’ve learned through sites like this one, I am confident that these signatures are not real.  I brought it up to the school administrator and they are “on the fence” about removing it from the auction because the salesman from Charity Fundraising Packaging says it’s real at it comes with a COA with a hologram...so it has to be real, right?  The COA is from RM Real.  I appreciate any insights you may have.  Thanks!

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in 2008 a on the body one signed by the whole band sold for 4800 from heritage. my guess the price was helped that it came directly from u2 with letters also a psda letter also.so 100 percent real .

my guess on the body would be 2 to 3 k but there very rare but they don't really excist so who knows what the real number would be In the right auction on the body.

just my 2 cents

they do sell some for charity but they go for tens of thousands as u would expect but those are real band deals

even on ebay were theres tons of everything there are only 6 signed guitars and I'm not saying there real but that just shows how little there really is for a band with a 30 year history

They are so rare it was hard to find exemplars -- but I'd say body signed guitars by all four members -- maybe 3000-4000 if personalized. 5000 and up if not. 

This one signed by U2 and Green Day went for 8 grand at Juliens with the money going to charity I believe.

I agree u can basicly name ur price if u can prove its real.

I think I have a bono edge pickguard lost some were in storage from the 1980s they signed for me

The school told me that there will be a $3,000 reserve on this guitar, which is essentially what they paid Charity Fundraising for it.  Thanks again for all of your insight!

They paid them $3000 for that crap?

plus one!!

just a jerky school teaching the up and comers how to be a legal moron. Nice "School" LOL...COA RM REAL LOLOLOLOLOLOL RM HORRIBLE FAKE COA . A real feel good story to kick the morning off that you have this taking place at a school and the administrators or teachers are clueless and won't listen to logic and reason because they were duped for 3K LOLOLO. I always said you have to be an idiot to be a teacher. LOLOLO

One of my daughters and several others very close to me are teachers. They are anything but idiots. 

I’m a teacher and to my knowledge I’m not an idiot... 

But maybe I missed that memo!

Just to give you guys an update...the school ended up pulling the guitar from the auction!!  Their biggest obstacle was the runaround they received from the charity auction company about returning the guitar.  Thank you all for your input!




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