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In my opinion these are not authentic! Here's my U2 collection, you're welcome to use those as a reference:
i'm with Jan on this one, and he knows his U2!

fake in my opinion. And signed by the same person. Take a look a the loop of the g in Edge the o on Bono and the ll in Mullen they are identical. Never seen so mach space between the letters on a real Edge signature. All signatures look way to slow drawn. Wouldn't buy it.

Strange gold pen for this signatures... I believe that it could be a fake...
And this is real?

has a way better chance then the first one

Yes, that is from one of the 2006 book signings.

"Have a beautiful eBay...Bono" lol...yes, that one is real.

the first one is fake (gold pens). The other you posted is authentic..

No, those are bad forgeries.

The first or second?

The first, in gold pen. The one is silver is authentic.



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