U2 signed guitar... Can I please get some opinions?

Hello everybody

An auction house have this u2 signed guitar in the catalog for their next auction. As a u2 collector myself with years of knowledge in u2graphs I do have my own clear thoughts about these piece. But I would like to hear what other people with knowledge in u2graphs thinks of this guitar..

Thanks in advance..

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Just buy this one for $5000 instead.  Much better deal for sure.  And even more distinctly signed in the same hand.  


haha... yes I saw this on ebay. plain awful! There is not many authentic U2 signed guitars out there...  I believe I can remember to have seen about 8 fully signed in the last 10 years.(2 of them were also signed by Green Day). There might have been a few more which I can`t remember right now, But considering the fact that I browse for u2 graphs more or less daily that is not a great amount.. And the fact that they refuse to sign guitars too (only very rarely for charity) wont make them more common to show up either...

Hey, at least this one is under $1000.  Seller apparently took the photos of it with a camera he made himself.


Thanks to you all for your opinions. I forwarded them to the auction and this lot has finally been withdrawn:)

The bids were up to $1375 incl bp with 3 days left, but with the help of your knowledge no buyer is gonna waste his/her hard earned cash on this trash!!  

Good to hear.  I'm glad they did the right things.  Now if only Ebay would pull the fake guitars listed there . . .

But they probably won't.

Yes, it makes me happy to see they pull things like this after been put to their attention.

But I do expect auction houses to take authenticity issues very serious. People pay a huge amount in buyers premium and its the auction`s job/responsiblity to keep it clear of forgerys.

It makes me furious to see poor forgeries like this slip under their radar. And as we remember with the Julien`s Mj/bush-scandal we know that not all auctions take this issue serious enough if it`s enough money involved. So I still appreciate everytime a bad item is beeing pulled before someone gets burned!

Yeah, those guitars on ebay is another joke..... Hopefully they will be pulled soon too. I Haven`t reported them yet, but I`ll see what I can do.



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