U2 signed photographs..... what do you think about the authenticity?


I just found all these photos from a seller on ebay. At first glance i thought they looked good. But as i checked all the other signed photos he had for sale I thought they looked too good. Most of them signed perfectly and unrushed by whole band in a silver marker. Normally when things are too neat and perfect when it comes to autographs, my alarm bells starts ringing. And they did now.

Maybe I`m wrong...Maybe I`m right.  Anyway I thought I would post most of them here and see what you think. You can also check out the seller on ebay as he has a lot of signed items of other artists for sale:


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Just for kicks, I'll see if there is any evidence of them signing before/after that show in Miami.  Again, I think it's irrelevant because those would not be the types of signatures you get by standing outside the venue in a sea of fans anyway.  And you certainly wouldn't get a stack of stuff signed by all four band members.

Even if signed in a controlled environment (i.e. collector who somehow got a backstage pass), I still don't think you'd get Bono signing that consistently and Edge signing repeatedly in that exact same rushed style - or multiple Larry Mullen autographs for that matter.

True.. Rarely I see a complete set signed and placed perfectly on the item. The most close to perfect signatures I have seen from the whole band on one item are those on the "Best of 1980-1990" lithographs given out by the band and on some of the "u2 by u2 books"... But also there Bono in particular do vary quite a bit, from very good to very strange (a specially on the book)

Yep - exactly.  The All That You Can't Leave Behind lithos are also good examples. 

Compare the nice, perfect signature that Edge gives in ideal signing circumstances on the litho and books from the 2006 book signings to what the Aussie ebay seller is peddling. 

Even at the book signings, Bono's autograph went all over the place.



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