I've just come across an Elvis framed display that sold on eBay for just shy of 2 thousand dollars. The seller is a UACC registered member by the name of jackmsell. He resides in and is  selling out of Florida. The auction was completed on November 10th . He is UACC registered dealer #228

I know we have a number of UACC members here and some of them hold titles above that of just a registered dealer. My question is as follows: Can we post the completed Ebay auction here for all to see??? The Elvis autograph is a blatant forgery...This man has bilked some poor bastard out of 2 thousand dollars while claiming to be honourable. 

I call Bull -- shite

His Ebay seller name is jackmsell ....auction completed November 10th. The item sold for $1975.00 Let's see how much help I can count on and let's load up the posse. UACC members and supporters please step forward...

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Can you post a link please?

Hi Steve.  Thanks for your interest.

I'm a bit of an old timer and I really wouldn't know how to post a link. My apologies. But I can assure you  that you can view this item/auction with about 30 seconds worth of effort.

On Ebay if you type in....Elvis autograph....into the search on the home page and click...then scroll down on the left hand side of this second page  to the box that says...sold listings....click that box and you'll arrive on the page of sold Elvis autographs. Arrange those to read ...highest price first....and you will see the item...valued at 1,975.00. The seller as I have mentioned is jackmsell.

I was very disappointed to see this after just recently defending UACC on another recent thread. I believe you contributed on that thread as well.

Thanks Steve and I hope that you will take a minute to view this completed Ebay auction. Some poor bugger is out more than 2 thousand dollars.

Hi and thanks for the link Steve !! Just as aside you and I did some business on Ebay a few years back. I believe I bought some Elvis picture sleeves off of you. Great items and great service too. You're a good guy !!

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that this autograph is bogus. It's not even close.

This UACC registered dealer says in his description that  "all autographs certified genuine by UACC registered dealer #228"....that's him!!

I've seen Ebay sellers like this guy glitz up their ads with photos of the item from 12 different angles  and biographies  of the subject at hand and next to no or zero  information about the history of the actual piece. That's what this guy has done. He's used "bluffology" to dazzle prospective buyers with his shiny display piece and his certificates and credentials, but little on the piece itself. Like I say I call it "bluffology". 

Looking forward to hearing any and all thoughts on this UACC registered dealer who apparently doesn't know his brass from his oboe...

Don, thanks for the kind words.  Glad you liked the Elvis sleeves.

The UACC Board has contacted the seller in regard to this item. 

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Actually, it doesn't look like the item sold to anyone. Simply ended.

Many thanks to Steve Zarelli  for his efforts on this item. Since he deals with the public are we allowed to learn details of any conversation you have with the seller Steve ??

 And Joe...you are correct....I got so flustered when I saw this that I didn't notice it actually had NOT been sold. Thank God for that...it could have been much worse!!!

Apologies all 'round for being a tad over-zealous. My intentions were  honourable. Looks like everything's gonna' be all right

Hi Don - I followed the process, which includes having other experts look at the item. Another Board member contacted the seller, not me.

It is our belief the seller was not knowingly offering a questionable item and it was an honest mistake. This item was not sold, and we anticipate it would not be offered again.

The system does work when situations are addressed through the proper channels. 

Well done and thanks to all...

Ebay seller Jackmsell has this laughable, forged Derek Jeter listed.  Look at this garbage.


You can click your mouse on the below images to get a closer view.



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