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Did one of the members pass today??

Former original member Astro. Yesterday. 

Are these just signed by Ali.  ? 

awesome find my mothers a big fan 


Shady, this is UB40 minus Ali Campbell and Astro.  Ali left the band in 2008, Astro in 2013..and they formed their own UB40 band.

On wiki astro was a band member for this album.

I bought it, but don't have it yet (it should be at my cousin place)

Ahhh right ok thanks for the info much appreciated 

In my opinion, they should have said signed CD booklet, not poster but for the price i am happy

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I'm not familiar with the band and there are 9 guys in that pic and only 4 signatures, so who actually signed this? 

I would like to know this also least with the kiss one they stated who signed it 

Yeah, I read up a little and it seems kind of like a cover band, similar to the Jefferson Airplane one talkshoplive just sold. the lead vocalist just joined this year, i bought one on impulse before checking them out.

It is signed by 4 original members the best i can tell 

Robin Campbell

Jimmy Brown

Earl Falconor

Norman Hassan

Cool thanks 



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