Any experts on this Band? Some of the graphs don't look like the usual ones other seem to be spot on.

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The Phil and the Paul Gray  look off to me.  The other three I'd say yes to. Not one I'd want to take a risk on at all.   Is this a poster, or the LP cover?  Thanks :-)  

I have never seen Phil Mogg sign like this. Raymond looks ok. I am not familiar with the rest.

Thanks. I also think it is a mix of good and bad maybe Phil and Paul were signed by others. Seller tells me this LP was signed after releasing the record and also did send me others tjat were suppose to be signed during same signing session

Here is another example

That was why I asked.  I've seen different ones over the years that alternate in terms of what graphs are faked on them. My guess is there were some signed for promo, and the odd one here and there were secretarial if that person wasn't in the office at that time.  




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