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Just realized this was gone so I’m making it again. 

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Elton john upcoming book

Any chance he will have a signing tour? 3 months to go


Has anyone seen anything about Keith Urban signed items for his new release?

Nothing yet, but he's been playing surprise shows at the tiniest bars and clubs and could maybe nab him at one of those, for an autograph

Eminem's Album gets released tonight. Do we think he will do any signed albums (CD or vinyl)?

Considering that scraps of paper with his sig on them sell for hundreds, no.

It's plausible... but he always charges $333 USD

yeah i seen he had some "Collectable" stuff in the past on his site. There is a signed & autographed section as well but its totally empty. Guess ill just stalk his site and hope its reasonable. 


It’ll be either $313 or $1,000. And even then it’s usually a tiny piece of cardboard they just slap on any item. 


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