another idea I had and you all can tell me if you like it or not but I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could post upcoming releases to keep an eye out for, I've never really known where to post these tips. right now I see people are watching for Harry Styles's new album with Pre-orders starting April 1st at 12 am UK, and Miley Cyrus is also releasing her first live album scheduled to drop also on April 1st. no guarantee there will be anything signed but I will be watching so I don't get caught off guard as i did with RHCP

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Good idea, I think we should also have a separate thread for arguing!!

that would be nice too, much better than having whole threads taken over by it lol

Also a separate thread for the ones who moan about comments etc lol 

seriously I think that’s a great idea 

me I’m waiting for Luke Combs Album 3 coming this year he said last year any ways lol

Great idea! Thanks 

make it a little easier to see and add a link in case anyone wants to keep up with it just in case

There might be a Ringo Starr signed cd someday.

yeah, and you might choose to contribute something other than rude comments to the forum one day but I'm not holding my breath. idiot

Just pointing out its a waste of forum space to speculate. It just pushes the good stuff down. And I've contributed!!! that best you've got?

no, but I'm gonna go back to ignoring your rude comments like I always do. maybe you have contributed but I can't find the last thing you posted other than negative comments. I said in the post that if you all didn't like it just say so which you could have done. but you chose sarcasm as usual. say what you want but I'm done.

Guys, cut it out. We had enough bickering yesterday. Thank you, Eric.

1°) It's NOT a waste of forum space. If we identify in advance the potential signed items, and if 5 to 10 of us register to the newsletter, we are likely to know things in advance (OK not always but still...).

2°) We could do without you contribution (the last one dates back to November 2021...), but not without KD's 450+ contributions over the last 2 years...



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