another idea I had and you all can tell me if you like it or not but I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could post upcoming releases to keep an eye out for, I've never really known where to post these tips. right now I see people are watching for Harry Styles's new album with Pre-orders starting April 1st at 12 am UK, and Miley Cyrus is also releasing her first live album scheduled to drop also on April 1st. no guarantee there will be anything signed but I will be watching so I don't get caught off guard as i did with RHCP

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You may be right, I'm not sure if this is where you got the tip but I just saw this video from the tonight show on Twitter, Jimmy talking about rumors of it dropping seems planned to get people watching for it.

I don’t know if I should stay up or go to sleep anymore lol

Everything I have seen points to today so I believe you are all correct. The nap I now need is based on if these do pop up at some point soon.

RED turned into numbers is 18-5-3... 6:53pm is when it will drop... it doesn't make sense though.. or does it? Haha I just wanted in on all this too.. im 42, Jason's version...

When she drops, does she usually have limited signed items?

I guess you could say limited.   75,000 to 100,000 signed copies. But the last ones sold out in about 3 or 4 hours

100,000. That is 138 solid days at 1 graph per 2 seconds with no sleeping or eating or breaks. Or, with 12 hours sleep and breaks per day that is 278 straight 12 hour days of signing 1 copy per 2 seconds.


100,000 x 2 seconds = 200,000 seconds = 3,333 minutes= 55 hours, or 4.5 12 hour days. 

I imagine they're all being laid out for her so she can do it quicker than 1 every 2 seconds too. 

That would still be about 20,000 a day or so, no?

Math in the morning...never my cup of tea.

I've been signing copies of my latest work with David Hutchings and there is no way I could sign 20,000 a day. And I sign with my forearm not my wrist. When I was signing copies of the architectural text I illustrated for The National Building Museum in 2010 I abbreviated my signature and it still took time.

itf, ive seen her sign for people before, she definitely needs more than 2 seconds.. even if she were to sign at that speed, she wouldn't be able to keep it up for long. 5 to 6 seconds between each autograph is a steady fast pace that can be done. But 8 seconds if shes taking her time

She drank a ton of wine based on her pictures and videos. it could explain why there is a grape jelly shortage. all the grapes are going to her wine so she can sign like crazy :)



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