need urgent help on this one, beckett said will not pass / unlikely to pass full authentication

I am about to ship funds for this item and it will be MOST important item in my collection

Can anyone help me out and confirm this is legit please!

some folks also said this is fake so idk


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So, ive dig even more meet the guy whos friend and worked with em back in 83-86 period.

He sent me personal letter from James: 

also said that sigs on KEA looks good to his knowledge. 

Will send more updates soon.

Ok then

I'll start by stating I don't know the first thing about Metallica signatures and have no opinion on the item.

But, as a professional authenticator, let me share some thoughts.

When presented with an almost-to-good-to-be-true "fantasy" item, you should always take a skeptical approach and consider all the angles. Thus far, the conversation here has focused primarily on formation. Well, what if they are machine signed signatures from a template based on authentic examples? Can a "match" be found on an existing authentic item(s)? The photo provided is not nearly high res enough to see fine detail like machine vibration... parts that were pieced together, etc.

Could it be some sort of transfer process? Some sort of "print" process?

A master forgery or authentic?

I don't know. 

But I can tell you that, as an authenticator, if someone came to me with an Apollo 11 signed item with fantasy inscriptions that would have to be at least 30 years old, yet it was perfectly applied like it was done at a private signing in a pen type that looks like it was from last week... I would approach it with great caution.

Hi Steve,

thanks a lot for your input and opinion! 

means a lot ! 

i am going to copy/paste your post in my notes for further references and for what i need to pay attention at. 

thx a lot ! 


+ to Steve. 




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