need urgent help on this one, beckett said will not pass / unlikely to pass full authentication

I am about to ship funds for this item and it will be MOST important item in my collection

Can anyone help me out and confirm this is legit please!

some folks also said this is fake so idk


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Beckette/ grad ,should know because he must own close to one Metallica graphs.

On other hand Brian Silver on of the biggest metallica collector(signed items) said those are most beautifull sigs from this era and they are legit.

i am waiting Roger Epperson opinion as well

will update 

ty if anyone have other opinion please shoot

I don’t think this is real at all, sorry.

:( damn not good :(

These do not look real at all to me. 

Ty for ur opinion, its crazy ;( 

Dont want to give any leads but seller said this been signed after release to promote album and also have ticket from John Z from raven metallica first show.

however vinyl not come from John Z collection 

People who knowingly sell forgeries are thieves, they are liars, they are criminals, they are stealing from people. 

Stealing from people like you.

They play off your desires and your emotions. They are fraudsters, who will do anything they can to rob you. And they can be very believable.

Having the ticket does not prove a thing. This might have been signed after the album release, but was certainly not by Metallica. The early signatures from that period are very distinctive, these lack this.

Slow down. There is no urgency that should have you ready to send funds for an item you question and is likely to fail BAS etc. Tickets can be bought on eBay...the sigs look like one hand to me.

absolutely not real

I have found few items signed with same inscription anyone mind to check, i understand everyone said its fake, turned out that 83 signatures are not easy to find to compare

i hope you will not throw rocks and sticks at me cose i am still trying

thing is that this item is so important to me that i cant describe words

anyway here is few items i compared

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All three identical inscriptions on one item? Unless these were common inscriptions perhaps you ran into the source for the creation of what everyone seems to agree is not genuine...don't be blinded by WANT.




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