Hi there,

    How are you all? I could really do with some valuable input on these signatures and if they are real. I must admit i rushed into buying most of these, i was told at the time as long as i stuck to AFTAL approved dealers then i should be pretty safe, but after doing a little research over the covid-19 period i am now very sceptical. I have way to many to list in one go so i shall start with a few i got from one dealer. I have only read good things about the dealer on this site so not sure, but looking at some of the autographs i do have to wonder as some look really bad in general. I have tried to match them against real ones but still finding it a little difficult.

Well here goes ! Got nothing to lose :-)

There is :

Matt Damon

Al Pacino

Ice Cube

Adam Sandler

Nicolas Cage

P.Diddy - Sean Combs

Samuel L Jackson

Sean William Scott

Thanks for any feedback.


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most of them are on the street scribbles and you have to trust the seller for 100% because how to authenticate the ones you posted?. but my feeling says these could do because matt damon - cage -pacino would look like the ones i know from the streets but who can give you a 100%?.

Thank you for taking a look for me. I appreciate it. Well its better than nothing that is for sure. I got these around 10 years ago and did rush into it a little bit. If i buy anymore i shall have a better look at the examples that are floating around on the internet and auction sites before i purchase and even post on here first. I should probably have done this back then but i was young and in a rush back then. Haha. Cheers Rob.

you have the coa's from that aftal dealer i guess - is there any info on the back of each photo? barcode - signing date-place?.

Yes i have the COA's all from an AFTAL approved dealer for these ones. Some came with dates and where they were signed. Hopefully they are okay, i have sent some of my more expensive ones in for re authentication over the past week and most have come back as did not pass or unlikely to be genuine. Its kind of got me questioning the collection as a whole, apart from the few i was lucky enough to get myself in-person.

Rob do you know where i may be able to learn and educate myself about autograph authentication so that i would know how to spot a fake from a genuine? Is there any places i could possibly learn about it? Are there any books or videos or anything like that worth looking into? How would one become more educated?

you can learn a lot here at autograph live and when you collect some time you educate yourself by comparing. i started by looking at the companys i trust the most like psa-dna  and jsa and trusted auction houses and in person dealers. at the time i was doing that there was no beckett or others and spend a lot of time in searching comparing and after a while you have a sence of recognizing a genuine autograph from the celebrity's you like or collect the most. also you recognize the fakes from the genuine ones - also you can google autograph study's from the person you like and look how his or her autograph looks like. there are also many celebritys who change their style of signing through the years. when you see a autographed item and you have doubts than post it here before you buy it. you can also use a quick opinion from beckett for 10 dollars ''just look at their site''. 

Thank you very much Rob i have been trying to study them as much as i can and compare also. I have picked up quite a bit over the past few weeks. But still feel a little uncertain, i wouldn't trust my own opinion yet, i think some are a bit easier than others. I have a large collection so im going to really start looking through and trying to figure out good from bad, even if i do have a few bad ones it may be worth using them as an example rather than looking at it in a bad way. Atleast i have began to look at them more and not just accept it because it resembles the persons autograph, because that is what i believe i have been doing pretty much. Yes i have now used Beckket a few times for the $10, i wish i knew about them before i found this website, I also tried AutographCOA which was a little more expensive but just wanted to see how it worked. The end result was not good but atleast i know about these people now for the future.

when i have my own opinion than i post it anyway because when you have more opinions it's better for the final result...for example the good auction houses do use opinions from at least 10 people who have knowledge of a certain autograph before it go's at auction ''or not''.

Yes it's always better to get as many opinions as possible. Its better to be safe than sorry, well if i purchase anything in the near future i shall certainly come here first and if need be send it to beckket or someone similar before i purchase again. Lesson learnt for sure. Really appreciate all of your help and your time for answering my questions today.

I have been collecting for a long time in the UK and I have only ever had good dealings with AFTAL registered sellers.  

But to authenticate some of these, would be hard. I agree with what Rob states. If you can trust the seller and they have a good rep, you'll be fine. 

Thanks Owen, i appreciate your help. I may have just been unlucky on some of the others in my collection. I think these are probably okay. They all came from the same seller and i have only read good things on here about them. I think like Rob said they were probably obtained in the street and so they look a little scribbled. I wont ever be selling these anyway but its worth reading what you guys think about them and appreciate your comments.

I believe Ice Cube is good.  The start of first c seemed little off but the Ice seems spot on as does the I, so I'd say good from my experience.  Seems good to trust this dealer thus far from what others said.


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