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These are from October 14 1979  Highway to Hell tour  Charleston WV    I met Bon and Angus behind the civic center before the show in wv      these have been kept in a photo album     paper is not the best but the autographs are clear    can someone tell me the value of this   and is there any other way to sell it besides ebay    not sure if i want to let it go  but just checking   i also got the ticket stub from the show  

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Nice autographs, great story too!

I definitely think you should expect at least $1,000 for this piece. Unfortunately the paper is not in the greatest shape as you mention and the autographs are "inverted" so that does hurt the value. I'd say up to $1,500ish is what you should reasonably expect. 



I wrote "at least" $1,000 as I used previous sales of Bon Scott for the reasoning behind that estimate, I don't understand the need to try and discredit me. 

Well Tim sold a nice LP and it got about 1700$ as I recall on ebay with all but Phil on it so there is no way this paper will sell for close that money. Yours is only paper and not in good shape, nice Angus cuts go for usually about 100-150$ as he isn't rare. The Bon Scott I would be surprised if you will get more then 800$ my guess is between 400-600$


The last two Bon Scott signatures on RR auction each sold for over $1,000 - he's in high demand. 

There is also the ticket and the real full story ... great piece!

That's a ridiculous way of looking at pricing IMO. The end price after buyer's premium is the value. If you're a seller/bidder, why would you not account for a commission/buyer's premium?

Just because someone nets $600 doesn't mean the item is worth only that, as it doesn't account for the total cost paid. Different avenues of sale are meant for different people, just because there are expenses in selling it does not mean that the expense should be removed from the value. 

I personally disagree and have had success using prices that include buyer's premiums as my comparables, but I do understand that people may have different valuation methods :)

Mike, I also calculate the selling and shipping fees into my bid consideration. That's likely why I rarely am the winning bidder! 


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