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I have a note written in Tahiti from Marlon Brando to my husband Ted (deceased) that I've kept for years. Brando stopped by our hotel and left the note asking Ted to call to set up a time to chat about day tours to Tetiaroa. He gives several phone numbers and signed his full name. This was placed in an envelope which is addressed to Ted and also says "from Marlon Brando".

My new printer is worthless. If you must have a scan I can take it somewhere.

This was probably 1977 or 78, prior to the Playboy article. I have no doubt about authenticity. I was there when we received the note as well as at the meeting at the outdoor bar at the Tahiti Travelodge.

I'd like to ask for your opinions about it's possible value. And, perhaps you can guide me to a place that has handled Brando's letters/notes.

I really appreciate any advice. Not being a collector, I know absolutely nothing: no guess as to value, no idea where to go from here.

Thanks so much for any help.

Mary Anne

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Without seeing it, it would be very tough to tell you. There are some vintage collectors here- post your note in the Old Hollywood group and see if they respond or there is a gentleman with the last name of Conway who might be able to help (He didn't respond to my Brando request but he may with an item like this.)

Good luck to you.

Thanks, appreciate your help.

I advice you rrauction.com There you may look at their past results prices for Marlon Brando. If you register there (it's free)- you will be able to see images of the autographs from the past results. Also if you decide to sell it- rr is one of the best auctions out there. If you decide to sell it by yourself at ebay- you will need a good COA (PSA/DNA or JSA). But note that sometimes they make mistakes and might not pass your autograph as authentic. If you want opinions from the members of the forum- upload the image of the autograph here. 


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