Van Halen,I am being offered this and would like some opinions first

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Looks good.


Please don't shout. You could be doing independant research into what you seek. Check past auctions for prices achieved by like it authenticated? By who and when? From the other items you posted today I'd do some more self-education before dropping that kind of change. Do YOU think it is genuine and why? Do you know the value?

Papers are meaningless to me. Look at the MM checks. I work with the belief everything is forged and start upwards from there. PSA has Hendrix and Gleasons that are not authentic in the online Autograph Facts pages.

Where are you being offered all of these? And do any come with COAs from PSA, JSA, Beckett, Epperson? I would advise only buying items that come with full certs from these companies. Otherwise, you're probably going to buy cheap fakes. 

I am aware of that, and I appreciate everyone on this forum and their help. Thank You 

John, the image you posted is too blurry for you to get a valuable opinion of authenticity. 

I agree that it is a little blurry, Steve.  It still looks pretty typical to me.  It is either authentic, or a very elaborate forgery.  Hopefully John will post a clearer image.

 Everything has a COA, but I was referred here as I over the last few years I am seeing more and more disagreements between Beckett, Roger and JSA. I was referred here and am trying to get second opinions before I proceed or look at items already purchased from major auction houses. I am respectful and very thankful to this forum and those who have helped. I am also showing items that are in my collection or are being offered to me. If I am doing anything wrong, please let me know and I will correct it. I am very grateful to Steve and the entire community here. Thank You


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