VAN MORRISON Latest Record Project Volume I (Amazon Signed Exclusive)

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Has anyone already received their """"signed"""" CD from JPC Germany?

Mine it's on the way and would like to know if I better wait for a miracle or do I directly ask now for a refund.

What a shame. Honestly, being false autographs, they should not be returned, but reported.

Got mine. It's crap.

Julio, I also ordered from JPC, I am in the States so mine has not arrived yet. Have you contacted them? I am going to email them tonight and hopefully do a not as described claim with paypal

Stamped then?

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I would say yes, look at the strange dots on the bottom right hand side. Seem to be on all I have seen.

I've read this at RACC group "just got confirmation that Van did not signed any of these. LP and CD both. Label wanted him to sign but he refused, then it was managers task to get it "signed"."

Where do you find the RACC group?

So disappointing.

Does anybody knows what happened to the signed lyrics sheets?

Some one posted pictures of theirs and they were also stamped Identical signatures

What can we do bout it? I got mine from townsend music!

this is freacking outrageous

Deliberate deception like this makes me so angry.

It’s not just the disappointment I feel as a customer/fan and possible loss of money, but they’re also taking advantage of the retailers who have to deal with our questions, complaints and returns. Not to mention the extra hit to the environment they create with all these packages unnecessarily going back and forth.

They probably only care about the charts; I assume the sales numbers have to be sent in before the returns are handled, so this album will be #1 next week.

From what I've read, this album is terrible too. 



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